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  • Seven Weeks Later, What the hell!


    I haven’t written for a few reasons. Mainly as I didn’t think I had time and then the longer it became, the more pressure it was. The truth is I have been busy – Since my last article I built a new website for Stag & Raven, attended two festivals, one tattoo convention and been on a road […]

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  • Whats your next Challenge?


    With another 260 days till I leave the country to embark on the ‘Road to Happiness’ adventure I have really itchy feet. I’m DESPERATE to go on an adventure when my work contract finishes at the end of next month. And not only that, but because of the restrictions I have on my budget I need to think of cheap, […]

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  • Musings on being Creative


    Why being creative is a fundamental human need and something we must nuture. This is Holly Ringland, an Australian creative and award winning writer. I was lucky enough to have her talk at my April monthly meeting. The title was ‘How to be Creative’. It’s a subject thats difficult to explain. Holly mentioned at the beginning […]

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  • The Gap : Taste VS Skill

    taste vs skill

    What is the difference between taste and skill? Taste vs Skill, whats the difference? Despite the fact that I write at least two short articles a week on this site and have been blogging for over three years I still don’t consider myself a writer. The difference between knowing good writing and being a good […]

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  • Letter to an 18 year old


    Recently an 18-year-old who is finishing school wrote to me, asking for advice on choosing a career without enough life and work experience to make an intelligent decision. He said, “Should I take the road less traveled, which may be risky and fearful, or choose a college course that interests me to some degree and […]

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  • How to be alone

    photo (2)

    Being loud and confident in company is a characteristic of mine – but this doesn’t take away from the fact I actually love to be alone. I have friends that hate being alone, are tied to social media, feel lonely.. I am lucky. I don’t experience these problems. I revel in spending time alone – […]

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  • All Work and All Play

    Can we have All Work AND All Play?

    Have you got ten minutes to spare? Box1824 is a Brazilian research company that specialises in behavioural sciences and consumer trends. This video looks at how we have changed the way work from the 50’s right up to the modern day. Making the valid point that we spent the majority of our life working it’s probably […]