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  • Seven Weeks Later, What the hell!


    I haven’t written for a few reasons. Mainly as I didn’t think I had time and then the longer it became, the more pressure it was. The truth is I have been busy – Since my last article I built a new website for Stag & Raven, attended two festivals, one tattoo convention and been on a road […]

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  • Whats your next Challenge?


    With another 260 days till I leave the country to embark on the ‘Road to Happiness’ adventure I have really itchy feet. I’m DESPERATE to go on an adventure when my work contract finishes at the end of next month. And not only that, but because of the restrictions I have on my budget I need to think of cheap, […]

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  • How physics can help anxious people.


    I met the Comedian, Author, and Physicist Neil Hughes last year at our first ever betternotstop Liverpool meetup. A throughly lovely chap we had a really interesting chat about mental health and the many barriers people face in not only dealing with the various issues that the illness brings, but also the difficulty in being open about your […]

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  • Travel Tip: Shropshire Hills


    The United Kingdom is blessed with some fantastic countryside, and so much of it is open to walkers. However, if you venture into the outdoors, it often seems like many other people have had the same idea! On a fine summer weekend, the crowds in Ambleside or Windermere in the Lake District, or Castleton or […]

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  • Walking in Cumbria


    Cumbria’s Lake District is home to England’s highest mountains. The combination of mountains and lakes provide for some truly breathtaking scenery, and there are innumerable opportunities to explore the area on foot. If you’re not totally confident about tackling a 900 metre peak, there are also a number of smaller hills that provide for great […]

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  • What to do when things don’t work out.


    This week I booked an intensive driving course to kick start my betternotstop adventure planning. After just over a week furiously studying my theory test I passed Wednesday, ready to pass the practical on Friday and surprise my boyfriend Phil when he arrives in Manchester next week. However I had real problems with my Instructor […]

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  • The Bungee Jump


      Author: Ian When I first arrived in Queenstown, I heard there were a few things you had to try. A skydive, a trip to Milford Sound, eating a Fergburger at 3am and perhaps most importantly, a bungee jump. For those who love history, the first ever bungee was created near Queenstown. Quite a fitting place for […]

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  • Developing Your Emotional Resilience


    Author: Joel White As discussed in my previous article, ‘what is stress’, emotional resilience refers to your ability to adapt and bounce back when something difficult happens in your life. However as mentioned previously, developing your emotional resilience only helps you deal with pressure more effectively, helping you to reduce the impact that stress has on […]

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  • Adventure is Calling


    ‘Adventures make us grow and laugh and learn about the world and ourselves.’ If someone were to write your biography what would it be called? Would it be The Unextraordinary Tales of (Insert Your Name Here)? Or would it be The Adventurous and Wild Life of (Insert Name Here)? Your real life probably bounces back […]

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  • Love Food, Hate Waste

    Food Waste

    Yesterday we had Natalie from the Real Junk Food Project come and share her passion for reducing food waste at the Liverpool betternotstop meetup group.  Here we discussed about why food waste is a major issue.  Did you know that as a country we throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink from our […]

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  • What is Stress


    Author: Joel White Stress.  A word that so many individuals use to describe their job, partner, friend, son, daughter or life circumstances.  For some individuals it seems that everything causes them stress. Stress is the second biggest complaint for why people are absent from work and can also lead to serious health conditions that affect […]

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  • New Year Twist


    January is the season of resolutions.  It’s the time when, collectively, we want to fix want we think is wrong with us.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  But here at betternotstop we want to propose a twist on the strategy. Instead of trying to fix something that we think is wrong with us, why […]

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  • Dear Body

    Countdown Party

    It has been 5 years since I recovered from my eating disorder and although most days are now nothing but a breeze, I still find it hard at times to love myself and accept my body. Just last week I delivered a talk to the Liverpool Betternotstop Meet Up Group.  Here I shared my story […]

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  • 5 Travel Tips For Airbnb Guests


    If you haven’t stayed at an Airbnb, this popular mode of vacationing is often more exciting and unique than your typical hotel visit.  Having used the service in many countries such as Italy, Paris, Iceland, England, Australia, Scotland and Switzerland, I’ve enjoyed the personal atmosphere that it provides.  Hosts always seem to go above and […]

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  • 2015 Do It Yourself

    The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak. ~Hans Hofmann, Introduction to the Bootstrap, 1993 Sundays and Wednesdays. Those were the days in which I put up a new blog post at the beginning of 2014. I made myself so accountable that I was forcing wholesome activities into my […]

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  • Removing Noise

    After my last entry, every time I went to post something new on this blog I become anxious of a negative reaction. Worried about how my writing would be judged and scared of people thinking I was ego driven, arrogant or just plain stupid.  Not comfortable with my writing I took some time out during […]

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  • 10 things I’ve learnt from losing my Dad

    This is my hundredth blog post. I didn’t know what I could possibly write about that would stand up to the honour in my head of being number 100. So I froze. I got scared. I panicked that I wasn’t actually doing anything worth writing about. So I didn’t write anything. But I woke up […]

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  • Fuck the haters (sorry mum)


    “We are masters of our fate, captains of our soul”. I’m using a great app called ‘Lift’ on my phone and every day it delivers a motivational quote. Today’s was the above. This quote comes from a short Victorian poem by William Ernest Henley and was used by Nelson Mandela to empower him while he […]