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What is betternotstop?

Are you an Indie Business Owner, Freelancer, Content Creator or Creative Entrepreneur? Do you run an independent creative business, project or want to? betternotstop helps people, brands and businesses grow.

Our goal is to create a community of people that can collaborate, support and be inspired.

Our head office is based in Manchester, but we travel around the UK and Europe hosting social events because we know that building a supportive community in real life is much more important than what we put out on social media. We believe in community over competition, and that by connecting and supporting each other all our businesses and ideas can thrive.

betternotstop is for people that are writers, doers, and makers or just those that want to be motivated and inspired to live a meaningful and fulfilling life.We champion the importance of independence, travel, and adventure!

We should all enjoy everyday life through our work, friendships, travel, and adventure. If you agree, attend an event to connect with like-minded people. Our focus is spreading the message that we can find solutions for making our lives better; we just have to be willing to seek the answers.

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