UK Adventure Grants 2019

I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 30 UK Adventure Grants to help you get on track with planning your next adventure. Check out my list of US Adventure Grants and Worldwide Adventure Grants as well!


The Andy Fanshawe Memorial Trust
Amount: £500
Deadline: Ongoing
Conditions: Schools and youth groups UK based
About: Must help disadvantaged young people to take up opportunities to develop an exciting interest in the great outdoors.
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Young Explorers Trust
Amount: £TBC
Deadline: Ongoing
Conditions: Must be UK Nationals and Under 19
About:  Several Grants available.
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Jack Bloor Fund
Amount: Up to £300 to be Match funded
Deadline: Ongoing
Conditions: UK Nationals living in Yorkshire under 26, member of BMC
About: The fund is for those who are wish to develop in their sport and includes going on an expedition.
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Horizon Lectures Adventure Fund
Amount: £450
Deadline: Ongoing
Conditions: UK National Over 18
About: The Horizon Lectures Adventure Fund is an ingenious idea that looks to encourage and help people to go on their own “adventurous trips”. There are no real restrictions and there is no pressure to think of something extravagant in a far flung destination. The one common duty of those who do receive a grant is that they will have to present a short talk about their adventure to a Horizon Lectures audience.
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Des Rubens and Bill Wallace Grant
Amount: £200-£2000.
Deadline: 15th Jan 2019
Conditions: UK applicants with a Scottish interest or link
About: The John Muir Trust offers this Grant to give people the opportunity to seek out life-changing experiences in wild places of the world in ways which will benefit both the person and the wild places themselves. The grant commemorates two former Presidents of the Scottish Mountaineering Club who each led inspiring and adventurous lives. Your project should involve travel to wild places, must be adventurous, have an educational or scientific component and be a life-changing experience leading to a commitment to practical action to conserve wild places.
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Alison Chadwick Memorial Grant
Amount: £TBC
Deadline: 31st January and 31st September
Conditions: The aim of the award is to further British and Polish women’s mountaineering in the Greater Ranges.
About: Applications are made together with the Mount Everest Foundation application.
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UCL Expeditions and Travel Committee
Amount: £500 – £3,000
Deadline: February
Conditions: Must be a student of University College London
About: UCL Expedition Grants are annual awards to students enabling them to take part in challenging team exploration.
UCL Travel Grants represent smaller awards made to those looking to engage in independent travel.
The UCL Expeditions and Travel Committee gives funding “to enable groups of students or individual students to undertake challenging exploration and travel to areas of the world which require unique skills of organisation and, in the case of group expeditions, teamwork.” There is very much a focus on broadening the individual’s horizons and not to simply linking travel to study topics. The more challenging the better!
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Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowships
Amount: £VARIES
Deadline: September 2019
Conditions: A UK Citizen and have a British passport when you apply. Living in the UK and over 18.
About: UK citizens with a British passport that are passionate about they do. You need to be keen to share your passion for inspiring others. Your project must require you to travel overseas (for four to eight weeks), but you must also clearly explain why you need to travel and cannot carry out the project from the UK.
Several Areas in which to apply:
Environment, Conservation and Sustainable Living
Health and Wellbeing
Migration – Living Well Together
Nursing and Allied Health Professions
Science, Technology and Innovation
Young People (for applicants aged 18-25)
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Neville Shulman Challenge Award
Amount: Between £5000 and £8000
Deadline: November
Conditions: UK National
About: The Award aims to further the understanding and exploration of the planet, its cultures, peoples and environments while promoting personal development through the intellectual or physical challenges involved in undertaking the research and/or expedition. Applications are invited from both individuals and groups.
Must do by 2019.
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The Royal Society for Asian Affairs Awards
Amount: Up to £1000 and two years’ free membership of the RSAA. The award may be divided among more than one candidate if the panel of judges feels it is appropriate.
Deadline: November
Conditions: UK Residents, Any Nationality 18 -25
About: The Royal Society for Asian Affairs invites applications from people between the ages of 18-25 (at the time of travel), for the RSAA Travel and Adventure Award. All successful applicants are required to lodge a 1500-word report within 6 weeks of their travel being completed, coupled with a presentation to the RSAA, accompanied by photographic records.
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The Julie Tullis Memorial Award
Amount: A small grant (£200-£800).
Deadline: 1st November or 1st March
Conditions: UK National
About: A grant to assist deserving female mountaineers or any disabled climbers or mountaineers, both male and female, to achieve their climbing or mountaineering ambitions.
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British Mountaineering Council (BMC) Expedition Grant
Amount: £200 – £800.
Deadline: 1st November or 1st March
Conditions: Grants are for BMC members, focused on younger climbers.
About: Significant and innovative ascents should be planned.
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Don’t forget to check out my list of US Adventure Grants and Worldwide Adventure Grants as well!

If you can think of any I have missed out, comment below and I’ll get them added in!

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