“I’ve been lucky enough to benefit from Hannah’s business acumen and support for several years now, she has enabled scaling for my business and motivated me to push ahead. In recent months I was selected to be a part of an accountability Cohort which for me has functioned more like a melting pot of confidence, ideas and encouragement from like-minded individuals. It has improved my business game a great deal! The broad range of people Hannah selects means lateral thinking and problem solving just happen naturally; the way in which she conducts the meetings is intuitive, razor-sharp and supportive. I’d highly recommend signing up to accountability Cohort, it’s the level-up for your start-up.”

Rebecca de Cadorette

Director , The Shallows

“Knowing that I will be accountable every week reminds me to prioritise based on what is most important to the business’ broader strategy, rather than just whatever is at the top of my inbox. It is also a huge benefit to be able to discuss challenges with people outside of the business who bring a range of expertise and a refreshing new perspective. The meetings are invigorating and have resulted in me considering exciting new ideas and opportunities for the business.”

Karnis Bailey


“Hannah’s group has been a wonderful way to meet inspiring entrepreneurs who are all serious about making a success of their business. It has helped me to focus on my own goals for the future, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to do the same.”

Charlie Daly

Co- Founder, Funder

“I have been working with Hannah from the start of the year in a Cohort she created. The format of the group and her attention to detail is fantastic, as is her enthusiasm, general business knowledge and encouragement to the attendees. Hannah comes highly recommended by me”

Patricia O'Shea

Artist & Designer