A. betternotstop is for business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers and anyone trying to grow their own business or ideas, and loves to travel and experience new things

Q. Can i pay for my experiences through my Ltd company or business account?

A. betternotstop experiences have been created specifically for business purposes. This means for companies in the UK the whole cost of the trip can be fully expensed through their LTD companies as it is wholly and exclusively for business purposes regardless of whether it is inline with benchmark rates.

For UK Self Employed business owners, the cost of the trip is an allowable expense against any of their taxable profits.

We would recommend that you speak to your accountant or an independent tax adviser about your own individual situation before booking an experience with us.

Q. Do you pay my ALl travel costs?

A. betternotstop covers all transportation costs while you are on your trip away, in many cases including transfers to and from the airport. Any private car hire or private taxi hire not specified in your itinerary which is taken without the approval of your Experience Manager must be paid for individually.

All this is covered in your itinerary which is sent to you six weeks before your trip, if you are unsure please contact our Customer Service Team.

Any flights or trains to your destination are separate, however these are also allowable business expenses. In no way should the above be taken as tax advice. We are not tax accountants and this is what we understand to be true from speaking with our own adviser. We would recommend that you speak to a tax adviser about your own situation.


A. This varies for each trip, however is always clearly stated in advance if you will have a private room or be sharing with other people. Upgrades can be organised through your Experience Manager in advance of your stay, or as an additional expense when you are travelling.


A. We always provide breakfast everyday and host a Welcome Dinner, Networking Drinks and a Farewell dinner on every trip which is covered under the costs of your experience.

There are also many additional lunch, dinner and food experiences included within your costs, which are clearly stated on your itinerary before you travel with us.

As we understand there is a variety of dietary requirements, and you may choose to change your schedule while you are away, we provide free extensive city guides to allow you to enjoy the food you want while you are away.