thinking of your next steps?

Do you want the confidence to help change your lifestyle or business intentionally?

I work with a one to one with a limited number of individuals and businesses with ongoing support, through accountability, reporting, planning and strategy creation. Packages start at £100 and I take on a limited amount of pro-bono work to support those who need support and do not have the financial resources.

My blog is also full of resources and articles to help you create a creative, sustainable business full of success and adventure. 

You can also see our upcoming events and travel experiences on our events page. Or join a year-long accountability Cohort to invest time in your personal and business goals. 

Or learn more about corporate travel for teams and our group travel experiences for solo travellers. 

Want more information or a service list including all the packages and prices available? Email or use the form. I’d love to hear from you. 

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