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“Travel, Culture and Community are the keys to successful business.”

hannah cox  | betternotstop Founder


Who is betternotstop for?

As a business owner have you ever felt overwhelmed, unable to take time off work, and even when you put on ‘out of office’ on holiday, you still end up checking your work emails?

You are not alone. Half a million people in the UK suffer from work-related stress and anxiety with other health issues can start without warning.

In 2017 there were 4.8 million self-employed people running businesses in the UK alone. (IPSE) Why is burnout increasing when so many of us are turning our back on traditional employment to create the life we love?

betternotstop encourages you to change your environment to improve your work, make you feel more confident and relaxed, increase your wellbeing and inspire you to do more.

We create worldwide business experiences that are tailored to help your business grow and succeed, and act as an allowable business expense with HMRC.

Travel and explore the world while running your business, expanding your network, and developing new opportunities and skills to grow your business.

Become part of the betternotstop community now and make your life an adventure.

Our Story

Our name out of a conversation Hannah had with her Dad before he passed away in 2011. Before he died, he told her not to settle and never stop pursuing her dreams, and so betternotstop was born.

For several years, Hannah worked full time in the events industry. In her spare time, she travelled extensively as well as writing, speaking and organising events under the name ‘betternotstop’.

In 2017, Hannah and her partner backpacked overland through 18 countries on an adventure from England to Bhutan on an Expedition called 'Road To Happiness', to discover and document what makes people happy.

While running three businesses from a laptop on this trip she spotted a gap in the travel market to make travel easier and stress-free for business owners. On returning home she wrote a manifesto, closed down her businesses and started working on betternotstop full time.

At betternotstop, we believe experiencing different countries and culture is a way to discover more about ourselves and how to make the world a better place.

Our goal is to create a community of people that can collaborate, support and be inspired. That can enjoy everyday life through work, friendships, travel, and adventure.

Our core values are to provide help, advice, motivation, and direction through our experiences and community.

Become part of betternotstop now.


What happens on our Experiences?


Our Experiences

  • Are an allowable business expense with HMRC, can be easily paid in monthly instalments which helps you manage your business cashflow easily

  • We offer five work and travel experiences and are expanding to twenty more destinations in the next 12 months

  • We focus on curated small group travel. Under twenty people per group to help you network and create a strong community atmosphere

  • We leave frequently throughout the year, varying in length from three days to three weeks

  • Offer continued community support through our exclusive slack channels

  • If you're ready to join an experience or want to learn more, Get Started to schedule a time for a free consultation

What you can expect when booking

  • Free pre experience Skype Interview to ensure the trip is tailored for you

  • Clear, straightforward itinerary so that you can plan your workday in advance

  • Bespoke pre trip package including personal travel guide and packing list

  • Hassle free business travel with full legal protection

What you can expect on your experience

  • Dedicated Community Experience Manager

  • Stylish, comfortable, secure accommodation with breakfast included

  • Daily access to stylish, innovative co-working spaces with hi-speed internet

  • Amazing cultural experiences and adventures

  • Evening events and activities Included

  • Exclusive business networking opportunities

  • One on one business coaching and support



Join us for five days in Hamburg to experience Germany’s coolest city.

Experience this friendly port city with an incredible craft beer and coffee scene.

Network with some of Germany’s most innovative start up and tech Founders while discovering hidden gems off the tourist trail.


Mexican Fiesta

Join us on a ten day tour of Mexico including a weekend by the sea and delve into Mexico’s vibrant start up and business scene.

Discover the pyramids, explore Mexican food and drink culture and discover local secrets and opportunities.

Great for all types of business owners, especially those wishing to expand overseas or get inspired by a new style of business.

Vietnam Overland

Over the course of three weeks, join us on an immersive overland experience across Vietnam.

Starting in HCMC and ending in Hanoi, this five stop tour experience has it all, and will open your eyes to its fantastic culture and history.

Experience Vietnam like no one has before with local guides and tailored group activities while growing your business opportunities.

Something Different?

Do you want a solo trip planned, or do you want to organise a company retreat?

Perhaps you are craving a new destination that is not already listed?

We are introducing new experiences all the time, simply apply to join the community to have your say and find out about the latest updates, destinations and opportunities.



If staying in the UK for a shorter break is more your thing, try a three night mid-week trip to Manchester.

Our local knowledge means that we have found new experiences you can’t find or do anywhere else.

The perfect place to meet other business owners, forge partnerships and delve into the culture of the North West.

Romanian Retreat

A fortnight in one of Europe’s most beautiful countries. Join us for a week in Bucharest to discover Romania’s bustling entrepreneurial spirit.

Followed by a week into the Romanian Countryside with our local guides to unearth new ways to do business, focus your goals and develop your skills.

Join the Team.

We’re looking for both Full Time and Part Time Experience Managers to join us in escorting our experience participants to destinations where you have significant travel and/or living experience.

We are looking for outgoing, friendly people to make sure our experiences continue to offer something something special, and want to be an active part in our wider community.


Read the betternotstop Manifesto.